The Competition Is Fierce In Network Marketing

The Competition Is Fierce In Our Profession

If you don’t think the competition is fierce, then you aren’t working your network marketing business enough, in the right way or at the sharp end. Now when I talk about fierce competition I am talking about the top end, that part of the industry, where the high achievers hang out and play the game.

Not everything is sweetness and light, also not everybody has your best interests at heart, in this arena. Some people, especially at the business end of things, are extremely competitive and they are looking for that extra edge. When I talk about fierce competition, this also refers to getting ahead by stealth as well as overt tactics.

Now we all know that the vast majority of people in network marketing are fantastic people to be around. In the Olympics, the heats and second round of the 100 metres are fairly easy to deal with, but when it comes down to the semi finals and finals, you are in a dogfight to even survive and win through to the final itself. It is completely different if you want to win the ultimate prize, because it will be kill or be killed, it will be down to the law of the jungle, only the strongest survive.competition is fierce

Fierce competition is guaranteed I assure you. Sometimes talent is not enough, you also have to be smart and fight your corner. Your rivals will trample on your dreams and copy your ideas if you let them. So become an intelligent maverick and don’t give all of your secrets away. Remember ‘loose lips sinks ships.’

They Will Steal Your Ideas

Would you believe that someone will smile at your face one minute and then steal your ideas the next moment? Do not give your good stuff away cheaply to others outside of your team, you know, the winning formula, that you have been using successfully for years, that no-one else knows about. Believe me, with more and more people engaged in network marketing, competition is fierce.

So be aware of who you are sharing your information with, not to be nasty, sneaky or secretive, but to remain ahead of the game in the marketplace. At the end of the day, network marketing is a business and you should treat it as such. In business generally, only the brave survive, you have to be willing to fight your corner in order to succeed because the competition is fierce.

Hold Your Cards Close To Your Chest

Treat your business, like a business from day one and hold your cards close to your chest. That doesn’t mean not helping others, it just means not sharing your winning secrets or the crown jewels with anyone, otherwise they will be stolen, misused and eventually the ideas will become diluted and ineffective. Competition is fierce

So if you find the golden goose that lays those absolutely sparkling gold eggs, do not tell anyone the location of your goose. Because of the nature of people, means someone will raid your nest, believe me on this one because I have seen it happen over and over again. So be aware of the smiling assassin who is really seeking to rain on your parade, through MLM espionage. (True, but I am laughing) 

It doesn’t mean that those other people are intending to do harm necessarily, but please accept that your idea, conception or bright invention will be harmed or damaged in some way, through ignorance or overuse. You must trust me on this one, the competition is fierce in network marketing.

I remember an old saying on the TV show Hill Street Blues from the 1990s, and it is one you should pay attention to as you develop your network marketing business and that is, “Let’s be careful out there.” 

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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