The Big Dream Requires A Big Sacrifice

Big Dream Demands A Big Sacrifice

We all have big dream or dreams in our life hopefully and it would be a fool to think that we can just set the goal and arrive at our destination next week.

To craft and build a successful network marketing business takes a tremendous amount of time.

There has to be a period of time, which is rarely just a matter of months, but more probably a few years, where we must hit it hard for a sustained period and make some serious sacrifices along the way.

I think that we all understand that if we want to become the champion or wonderfully supreme in any area, such as sports, business or industry etc, it would require you, me or anyone else to really ramp up our game to outstanding levels.

As the title suggests, “The big dream requires big sacrifice.” and it really does.big-dream

Here is a good question for you,”Are you ready for these sacrifices?”

What Type Of Sacrifices Are You Expected To Make?

Well the expectation mentioned previously is really about you and what you should expect to give up, set aside or invest.

1. Be Prepared To Invest At Least 10,000 Hours. 

The biggest sacrifice that you can make is with your time. Time is precious, especially the time spent with loved ones etc.

You should expect to invest either a lot of hours into yourself and your business, if you want to make that six or seven figure income.

The question gets asked, “Is it all worth it?” Well I think the question should be rephrased to read, “Is it all worth it to you?”

So to become a peak performer and a high achiever in the network marketing profession takes a huge time commitment.

You have to accept that you will have to surrender or forfeit time in order to become educated about your opportunity and that this is ongoing.

2. Accept That You Will Have To Become A Committed Professional. 

Understand that there is no other way to become successful in network marketing, unless you find out how the top achievers become professional at what they do and then implement those same strategies as soon as possible.

You have to dedicate yourself to the task of completion. You need to start strong and finish even stronger.

Your commitment will be in proportion to your hunger to get the job done. But understand that you must have a tenacious appetite for the big dream and show a resolute determination in order to win.

Commitment is your promise to yourself, that you will do it, come what may and that includes attending all events. 

3. It Will Take Some Money Investment. 

“But I cannot afford to find the $500 to get my business off of the ground.” No excuses here, sell something, just find it. You would find the money if your car broke down, wouldn’t you.

Please understand that business costs money. Now I am not suggesting that you throw money away here.

I am suggesting is that you find a business where you can make your initial investment back within one to four weeks, especially if you have borrowed the rent money.

Find a business where you can get your product for free. In other words you sell to three customers and your is free. Then you may well have little or no monthly commitments.

What I am trying to say is, “Don’t let money be an excuse. It just doesn’t cut it.”

To Summarize.

So accept the facts that time and money investment are required, if the goal is to develop a substantial income in network marketing.

Your total commitment must be on the fast track. If you do not have or are not prepared to show commitment, forget it.

The key is finding a guide, mentor or coach to work with, who really knows what they are doing and who can teach you in these vital areas, especially in regards to money.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System