Potential Quadrant

The Amazing Power Of The Potential Quadrant

If you as an individual harness the sheer power of the 'potential quadrant', you will move absolute mountains in your network marketing or MLM business. The 'potential quadrant' is extremely simple and effective, but you need to complete the cycle in order to make the quadrant work for you and achieve exceptional success.

Now is that of interest to you? I bet it is, so read on and let us find out more about the 'potential quadrant'.

I remember seeing a video which featured Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss, who were visiting Tony Robbins and it was Tony who talked about a potential flow chart and I was so impressed I named it the 'potential quadrant'.

potential quadrantThe potential quadrant has four parts to it and all need to be feeding off each other in order for your business to gain the required momentum to work efficiently and effectively. 

Your Potential

I think that we all agree that we all have the potential to do something special with our lives. Now, your potential can be applied to many areas, but let us keep it to the network marketing arena for simplicity's sake. 

You are introduced to network marketing and you are so excited, because you are going to make all this money and help the world and yourself become rich, or something close to that.

You know that you have the required potential to fulfil your hopes, dreams and ambitions, so what goes wrong? Well let us follow the cycle or 'potential quadrant' to see how this pans out.

Your Actions

So you are excited about your new venture and know enough to get going. Some people refer to it as 'ignorance on fire', others call it raw potential. But the key here is your child like enthusiasm.

The next critical component is the actions that you take and that basically is the amount of people that you approach and speak to, whether that is directly, face to face or possibly through the internet.

But what happens is your confidence waivers because you run out of your warm market or you have some kind of mental block when speaking to prospective partners and clients. That initial momentum is starting to slow after a few weeks or months and then it starts to slide and go backwards. WHY?

Well one of the main reasons is that you stop talking to new people and you go from 'ignorance on fire' to 'knowledge on ice'. You stop taking action and this kills off the cycle and breaks the power potential quadrant down. Also you are not following through with people and this will hurt your business big time.

Your Results

So you start off with that initial excitement, take consistent action and this will lead to great results. Is that how it goes? Well hopefully it does.

But if you slack off when it comes down to taking the necessary actions, your results will suffer. You have to become a professional at what you do, always learning new things and at the same time injecting flexible persistence into the mix.

Although it is a numbers game ultimately, you have to understand that you have to be aware of the effect that you are having on other people. By all means speak to many people, but make sure they are the right people and not canon fodder or people who will never make it. Ask quality questions from quality people and you will get quality results.

Your Belief

The fourth and final part of the 'potential quadrant' is the icing on top of the cake that makes it all work and not only that, but it completes the cycle and it keeps going around again and again, if you understand it and play the game.

Belief is the the real juice here and you will need an abundance of it if you are to get to the top table and mix with the very best within your company. Belief is everything about you and and it is really self perpetuating, which really means that you create your own belief.

The biggest thing that you need to believe in is yourself and know this my friend that confidence and belief go hand in hand. They can be fragile, so pay attention and constantly be aware of what you are doing and work very hard in this specific area.

In conclusion

The 'potential quadrant' is achievable by anyone, including you. But only if you apply yourself fully to the task at hand.

It will require you to use or employ your potential wisely and then initiate the necessary actions on a consistent and persistent basis. 

By doing whatever is required will move you on to the third part of the quadrant and that is achieving the results, which in turn will increase your belief levels and complete the potential quadrant or success cycle and then you can start the cycle again.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System

The potential quadrant

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