The Amazing Effect Of Inspiration And Motivation

Is Inspiration And Motivation Important To You?

Does inspiration and motivation move everyone to achieve or does it just work for a select band of people? Well, I think that anyone can be inspired by watching or listening to great actors, politicians, personal coaches or sports stars, but the key here is what the person does after they become inspired.

For the vast majority of people, they will probably stay where they are, not take it any further and most probably, it will be yet another chance lost to basically get on and do something with their life. The average person will love the film, the speech or performance, but that will be it. There will be no new endeavour, so really that time was totally wasted.

The ace or the winner will use that inspiration, make a decision and start a brand new project, train for a sporting event or generally become creative in some way. Some people are doers or action takers, but alas most procrastinate and stay sitting on the sofa watching TV. Hey, that's their choice and good luck to them.

There Is A Clear Winner

So inspiration or motivation, which one appears to be the most important? Believe me there is a clear winner between the two. Can you guess who the champion is here? 

It has to be motivation really, because it is fabulous when you hear an exceptional speaker or similar and you may well become inspired to want to do better. But normally speaking inspiration goes up and down like a yoyo and you cannot listen to inspirational music or speakers all of the time. inspiration and motivation

The key here is understanding that inspiration is fantastic, but it is temporary. Yes, you can listen every day, but it is limited. On the other hand motivation has a degree of permanence about it and engenders persistence, determination and consistency.

Inspiration Is Important, But Motivation Is Vital

Don't get me wrong here, Inspiration is a crucial part of a winners arsenal of weapons, but it will always revert to motivation to see you through the winning post. The drive will come from an internal feeling that is constant and unrelenting. The inspiration is basically the cherry on top of the cake.

Because when you stopped jumping up and down with excitement, there are simple daily tasks to take care of. The only way you are going to achieve this, is by playing full out and allowing your internal motivational guidance system to become a permanent feature in your life. 

Hopefully you get propelled forward through inspiration, rather than desperation, as Jim Rohn says, but watch out here because inspiration is like a shot of adrenalin, a quick sugar hit or a candy bar. You consume it, feel great and then you return to where you were originally. Inspiration is a spike of the good stuff, but maybe insufficient, on it's own to take you where you want to go. 

Can You Be Motivated By Another?

It is arguable whether an individual can motivate another or not. For many motivation is a personal thing, that is controlled by the individual and it is dependent on strong feeling, emotions, drive and excellent reasons. Reasons would be your WHY. So what gets you up early and has you sticking with something all day? It is the combination of inspiration motivation pure and simple. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Inspiration and motivation