Ability To Influence Others Is Magic

The Ability To Influence Is A Skill Too Few People Possess

The Ability to influence others is a skill that few people have. The proof of this is in the pudding. Ask yourself this question, “How many people step up to leadership?” The truth is, not many. Why? Because the multitudes cannot and will not be able to influence others.

Okay so you have convinced me that one should develop the skill set of influence, but how does one go about that?ability to influence

Well, I think the starting point is who you are and what you stand for. Now I do not mean whether you are a Democrat or Republican in the USA or a Conservative or Labour supporter in the UK. What I am talking about is philosophy, your philosophy and how you present yourself to the marketplace.

Let us look at the ability to influence others in much more detail here. The first place to start is with your integrity, without this do not bother to go any further. I think it becomes very apparent who you are and whether you are an honest person or not. You can get away with this for a while but in the end, you will be found out if you are not acting with complete integrity.

As an example, how many websites do you see where the person hides behind a name and doesn’t give their business contact details? I wouldn’t trust anyone who wasn’t easy to contact. Being able to trust someone is paramount in today’s home business industry.

The second thing is their mission statement or beliefs and I am not necessarily talking about religious beliefs. I personally accept anyone from any background, gender, faith, creed or otherwise and so should you. I am more interested in their passion, courage, and hunger to learn. In other words, WHY are they doing what they are doing.

The third thing is their talents and whether they are experts in what they profess to teach to others. Do they have the ability to produce the results or the goods that they say they can produce? Not only the ability but the knowledge, skill level and the desire about their subject.

Trust your gut feeling on this one, because you will know if they can supply you with your needs, train you sufficiently on that specific subject or guide you expertly or not.

So is the ability to influence others MAGIC? I think without a doubt that it is a vital factor when choosing a mentor to find someone who basically is the best at what they do.

Lastly, what about you, you started a business and statistically, it probably isn’t going too well, so ask yourself this question. ‘How am I developing my abilities to influence others?’ Because if it isn’t going as you wanted it to go, look in the mirror and ask yourself some tough questions.

No, don’t give up, decide to become an expert at one subject, become passionate about it, learn it inside out and then become really good at it. Then you can start to influence others with your new found abilities.

Remember you must provide real value for your readership or customers if you are to survive in this day and age on the internet because of the sheer amount of competition.


To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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