Taking That Extra Step Is A Must

Taking That Extra Step Will Be Demanded

Unsuccessful people appear to have a psychological barrier when it comes to success. This barrier seems to prevent them from taking that extra step, in order to become successful. It is like a self imposed mental block, which puts a halt on their ability to breakthrough obstacles.

Why do you think that the average person is not willing to go further? I suppose that they don’t want to make sacrifices in order to achieve.

Maybe it is because they are just uninspired or they just cannot motivate themselves enough to get out of bed. Are they afraid of the hurdles and blockages?

I suppose that is why the top positions in any structure are uncrowded and there is plenty of room for those who choose to be there.taking that extra step

So let us just except that the majority of people are not willing to push themselves enough to get noticed and enjoy the rewards that go with achievement. 

Personally, I think that is sad, that the average person never gets to feel the exhilaration and excitement of actually being recognized as a leader, winner or champion.

Now the number 1 position is the best, but we have to be honest and say only one can get there at a time. Maybe you cannot earn a million dollars or win a race, but you could earn $5000 a month or run a marathon for charity. So my question is what is stopping you?

You have the ability to go that extra mile in life, because that is where the luck and breaks kick in. If you speak to any person who has succeeded in a big way, you will find that the vast majority of those winners in life have had to do much more than is expected.

When I was a manager of a football (soccer) team I generally picked those players that displayed a high intensity to work hard. In a team game grafters are nearly always the first players selected on a team sheet for obvious reasons. Each time a team goes out on the field of play they must do the work first and then impose their skill levels on their opponents.

So taking that extra step is vital for you and your psyche. If you hope to reach a reasonably high level of success in life, careers, sport or business, then you must stretch yourself to the absolute limit to be able to win.

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