Taking Short Cuts

Taking Short Cuts Can Compromise Doing Things The Right Way

Taking short cuts is the number 15 symptom of lack of persistence.

Taking short cuts can work in some instances, but not in others. This is all about doing it right. Now obviously there can be really good legitimate ways to take those short cuts, but you should never compromise doing it right.taking short cuts

You will nearly always find that you do not get the results that you are seeking when you ignore professionalism. It is like being on Facebook and just expecting people to click straight on to an add for your business.

The problem here is that you are not exchanging anything of real value with that other person. Value is the key here in results because you must be prepared to give excellent content and build rapport before you can expect a particular person(s) to look at your opportunity.

Another way of taking shortcuts may be cutting deals, wanting the easy life and not be prepared to do any work. Well, obviously you should get the best deal or bang for your buck, pound or euro, but not to the extent that it replaces quality. For an example, if you buy leads then you will normally get rubbish, not always but most of the time and you would have wasted your money.

So, if cutting corners isn’t the correct way, then what is. Well how about writing some good quality articles and then start to dominate certain keywords with videos, blogs and articles centred around that keyword. That is one way that you can begin to generate leads. Beware of taking short cuts, it cost you more you can even imagine.

Let me take a simple thing like outsourcing as a way of showing you how things can go badly wrong. I am not the most prolific article writer but I do pride myself on good quality articles.

I paid someone to write an article for me and when I received it I was fairly happy with the content (I am a hard task master) and entered it into my EZINE ARTICLE account. They had assured me that the article was fresh and original.

What happened EZINE ARTICLES froze my account because the article was a copy of someone else’s. Now this totally compromised my integrity in the market place and I was fuming. If I could have got hold of the person I would have knocked them out, simple as that.

Now that may not have been very classy but I was not in a mood for any crap. So you can see that by taking shortcuts and not doing things in the right way, can cost you dearly. That is why 97% of people don’t make any decent money in the home business industry.

So, moving forward do it right, never compromise with right. You sow what you reap.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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