Taking Personal Inventory Is Astounding

Taking Personal Inventory

Have you ever thought about taking personal inventory?

In other words looking at what you have instead of what you don’t have.

Ok, here is a scenario for you to think about. A man comes up to you and offers you a million pounds ($1.5 million dollars). Wow , you think that is quite a lot of money.taking personal inventory

In fact the most you may have seen up to now is £3000. So you say to the man, “Well yes, I would love a million pounds, but what is the catch?” You know there is no such reality as something for nothing, right. The man says I will give you a million pounds if you give me your left arm.

Now hopefully you say to him, ‘No Way Jose.’ or similar. It might not be as polite as that. He ups his offer to £2million. Again you refuse and obviously, we could go on. Now as stupid as this analogy is some of you would have stopped and thought for a moment about the offer. But that is not my point.

The point is someone has offered you a million for your left arm. Now think about this, because it is really important. Take a personal inventory of yourself now, today. Now forgetting that your mind is priceless, take into account that you have two legs and two arms.

Now that is a minimum of £4million pounds and you are just getting started. Does this start to make you feel a little bit better about yourself and we could go on? What would your eyes be worth to you, your speech or your ears? So be extremely grateful that you have these miracles of life to use. I don’t care who you are, you are very valuable, but who needs to hear this. YOU DO.

Talk yourself up every day and tell yourself that you are totally unique and priceless. I hope you get the point and change the monkey chatter that you tell yourself on a regular basis, that you are not worthy and maybe feel like a failure. You are very worthy and capable of anything that you are willing to put your total laser focus and attention on. YOU ARE PRICELESS.

This post was inspired by a book called, ‘See You At The Top’ by Zig Ziglar (which I last read in 1980)

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Taking A Personal Inventory