Are You Taking Baby Steps To Build Your Business?

Taking Baby Steps Is The Way Forward

You most probably should be taking baby steps unless you are an outstanding individual when it comes to completing things and learning new ideas/methods. Probably you are like the rest of us learn at your own pace and most of us are only mere mortals who have to take those daily incremental steps to move forward.taking baby steps

I am definitely a person who needs a track to run on and clear instructions to follow and I don’t mind stating that. I pick up things one at a time, sometimes slowly, but definitely permanent. Please do not confuse slow methodical learning and with gaining tremendous momentum.

There is absolutely no reason why the rest of your business cannot move forward at lightning speed. You have to understand that not everybody has results right out of the gate and you have to be patient when learning new things. Stick with the programme and keep on the right track, just know that you will achieve your goal if you develop the skill set of persistence.

Because that is what taking baby steps is all about, consistency and persistency. So this is the question I ask people, ‘Are you taking baby steps?’ and their answer will tell me, within reason, how well they will do in their business.

One last thing, think of yourself as a bomb disposal expert who has to take each step slowly and methodically to reach his goal. Stick with the task knowing that sooner or later you will win.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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