Take Responsibility For Failures

Take Responsibility For Failures. Never Blame Others

We should always take responsibility for failures or when the sh** hits the proverbial fan. If we fail at something, then we should be big enough to admit it openly and honestly. Look, we all make mistakes in life, some big and some small

Unfortunately this world is always looking to hang someone out to dry or find a scapegoat. The public usually want their pound of flesh and like to go after people. What they don’t realize is that everyone is in the same boat at some time or another.

We all need to accept that things can go wrong on occasions. We must learn from our faults and blunders and just keep going.

We should never take failure to heart and not beat ourselves up for gaffes. A lot of people spend their time stressing out, because they made an error of judgement.

In network marketing you are going to drop the ball at some stage. It’s alright to get things wrong. Just smile and move on. It’s just one of those things.take responsibility for failures

Personally I hate it when someone makes a mistake and hides away, hoping it will just go away. People need to hold their hands up and say, “I am sorry.”

There are also those people who want to shift the blame onto someone else, rather then accept their own mistakes. There is never an excuse for this behaviour.

The are 5 main reasons why you want to admit mistakes and failures quickly:

  1. Your mind will be cleared of any confusion
  2. You will become less stressed
  3. Your honesty will be accepted by others.
  4. You can reclaim your focus rapidly
  5. You can return to the effective execution of your plans

Understand that things happen on your journey. Sometimes we get it wrong. It is okay, ask any inventor, entrepreneur or sports star. If they accept it, then so should you. Just say, “It’s just one of those things.”

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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