Take Charge Of Your Mind And Focus

You Must Take Charge Of Your Mind

You must stand guard at the entrance to your mind and prevent the intruders gaining access, because they will mess with your thought patterns, believe me. This in turn will affect your life for the worse, if you don’t pay attention on a daily basis. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. So take charge of your mind.

If you ignore the good stuff, you will compromise your emotions, feelings, posture, attitude and self image. The result may well be a lack of success and growth of your network marketing business, if you spend time with time wasters, people who gossip or the Constantly Negative News.

These will bring you down gradually over a long period of time.

You have to control what is allowed within your sight and hearing, as much as you can. It is like implementing parental control on the internet or television, but now we are talking about you, not your kids.

You must restrict those negative, poisonous and energy sapping people, programs and events entering your space and undoing the good you have started.

You Must Focus On Progressive Activities To Win

You obviously cannot control 100% of everything that you are bombarded with, day to day, so you must control the 95% or so, which is within your influence and reach.take-charge-of-your-mind-and-focus

One of the ways we can regulate our environment is by taking part in progressive activities that take us where we want to go. Tony Robbins calls it the power of chunking, which is creatively using 15 minutes chunks of time throughout each day, but employing them wisely.

In other words you focus on the next 15 minutes and then the next, rather than trying to control 4 hours forexample. The first 15 minutes could be devoted to personal development, reading an uplifting book, listening to an inspirational audio or watching a motivational video.

So if you are an athlete/jogger, you could run 1 to 2 miles in that 15 minute chunk or segment. If you are a network marketer, you could telephone 3 to 5 people during that time span. You don’t allow anything to distract you, especially something or someone who will bring you down. Let only top quality material and people into your life to thrive.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey