Surround Yourself With Good People

So, Why Should You Surround Yourself With Good People?

I think it makes rather good sense to spend time around an asset. Remember your number one asset is yourself, well, your number two asset is definitely the people you spend most time around, in other words, surround yourself with good people.

If you were in a network marketing business or MLM, wouldn’t you want to speak to those people who knew what they were doing or would you go and speak to Stan at the local bar or pub? Sorry, Stan, you are a nice bloke but I want to become fit and become wealthy.

surround yourself with good peopleNow Stan is reasonably poor, he smokes and is generally unfit. Now, ask yourself this question, ‘Is spending time with Stan going to assist me and propel my new or existing business forward to new heights?’ I think you know the answer to this one.

Always spend your very limited time with the very best people that you can find. WHY?

1. It rubs off on you. Whether it is negative or positive, depends on who you are around.

2. You will learn something. Either of extreme value or worthless gossip, you choose, sorry Stan you are out.

3. It will affect your level of income. If you mix with paupers, guess what.

I think this is a subject that you could talk about all day, but I think you get the point here. Always surround yourself with good people.


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