Successful People Learn To Channel Energy

Successful People Learn To Channel Energy Effectively And Efficiently

You should always do your best to use or channel energy into a worthwhile projects or goals.

What you normally find is that people misdirect their energy towards something very negative and it becomes this a waste of a lot of good feelings. Positive energy channeling is a fantastic way of using any given situation in a beneficial way.
successful people learn to channel energy

A form of channeling energy is called reframing. Let me give you an example. Most drivers have found themselves in a traffic jam, where we get frustrated and hot under the collar.

This release some toxic stuff into our bloodstream. So by using this time to listen to some education, great music or uplifting speaker, we can change the way we feel. I use Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn material to take my mind off of the road conditions. But I could just as easily have been listening to either classical, rock or house music.

The classic example is on a crowded train in the rush hour period, where people, instead of being courteous and just chilling out, they display a bad attitude towards others. It’s a bit similar to the actions of drivers on the roads.

So the critical key or component to remaining chilled out as a network marketer or anyone really is their ability to channel energy in the direction of something positive, inspirational, creative or involving prosperity.

It is so easy to become embroiled in negative garbage, to be fair we all do it at some stage.

But you must rise above the stench of rotten attitudes, violence, and nastiness. Believe me, there is enough of it out there. 

Personally, I have allowed myself to get involved in things when it was just a complete waste of time. In other words a complete energy drain, when it I could have smiled and walked away. 

You can allow angst and anger to rule your life, always looking for the bad, the horrible or trouble generally, but it will be much more productive and fun just to excuse yourself from the conversation, argument or disagreement if you find it to be counterproductive to your calm state of mind.

So the message is this, learn to channel energy into the area of focus. Focusing on your outcome, what you really want.

To channel your energy in the right direction is a learned skill, which is worthwhile attaining, as it will make life more interesting, fun and allow you to laugh more often.

At the end of the day, it is up to you. All I can say is that my life is so much more relaxing now that I proactively channel energy as much as I can.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Successful people learn to channel energy.