6 Success Principles To Follow

Success Principles That Network Marketing Leaders MUST Learn And Use

Success Principles #1: Know your outcome and work towards specific goals:

Write down your goals on goal card(s) and carry them with you everywhere. Also have your goals where you can see them fregularly, such as the fridge or bathroom mirror.

By employing these simple tactics  your goals will be in your face many times a day. You can also use audio, video and voice memos also to remind yourself regularly. Visualize/meditate/take quiet time to see yourself as already having achieved those goals.6 Success Principles To Follow

You must know where you want to go and have total belief that you will get there. Set a date which is very important and write down your goals as if they have already occurred.

Your goals may seem out of reach at first, but taking time to visualize and meditate on the “already achievement” of it will instill in you the belief that you will achieve it.

Principle #2: Become a student of personal development and self growth.

All the top earners use the a personal development program on a regular basis.

Also you will want to read some great books such as Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Poor Dad Rich Dad by Robert Kiyosaki etc. Leaders avoid mass media (TV, newspapers, etc) because of negativity, violence, and profanity.

But this is a choice you must make for yourself. Choose very carefully what you allow into your mind because it will affect your results. Take time every day to journal as you can use this to keep track of your progress.

In addition, fill your mind with the right information. Start a media fast, abstaining from the news, TV, newspapers, radio, etc. Instead, use the time you would normally spend watching TV reading empowering books, listening to CDs or watching great videos, etc.

You’ll be amazed at the evolution you will experience in your attitude and outlook on life, simply by eliminating negative influences and replacing them with positive, empowering influences.

Principle#3: Income Producing Activities: Prioritize your time so that you spend time each day talking to the right people about your primary business and putting them through the system.

Consistency is the MOST important thing. You should know what to say to prospects, so that you could do it in your sleep. Never lose your edge. It’s better to work 1 hour a day everyday than to cram everything into your day off. Especially if you are still working a job as you build your business.

The income producing activities in your primary business will vary depending on your particular opportunity but they are usually prospecting, follow-up and signing up new associates.

Lead generation is also an income producing activity, but that simply feeds your sales funnel. You must take the time to telephone and/or talk to prospects to generate sales. But if your sales funnel is set up right, you will only talk to serious people and not time wasters.

Organizing your desk, doing “research” and “getting ready to get ready” will not produce income for the you.No amount of intention or desire will get you a result if you don’t follow through with action; the correct actions! Live your business; talk to everyone you know and everyone you come in contact with about your primary business.

If you truly believe in your success and the opportunity, you’ll feel comfortable sharing it with everyone you know. After all, they deserve the opportunity to live this incredible lifestyle as well! But don’t rely on your warm market. You will need to develop several ways of developing leads, such as blogs, article marketing, videos and social media etc.

Principle #4: Mastermind with Leaders: Do everything possible to be in the environment of the Top Income Earners. The leaders in your primary business should be gracious with their time and experience.

You have a great opportunity to connect with these leaders at every live event, on skype or the telephone as well as on live training calls. Think about it: where else in the world do you have the opportunity to hang out and learn from self-made millionaires who will share everything they know about creating success?

But, it’s up to you to show up. Keep in contact and stick close to your Sponsor/Enroller; call them regularly to connect so they know who you are; take full advantage of their knowledge and experience. Nothing will accelerate a person’s evolution into a Top Earner than being around the people and environment where that exists.

Remember if you want to earn a million dollars you will not want to go to the local bar and talk to the regular customers. Talk to a millionaire or some other successful person or people

Principle #5: Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership in Yourself and Others:

You MUST expect success of yourself and others. Accept nothing less than success.

Put yourself in the right position within your company’s compensation plan to enable you to collect all of the profits on all the products. THIS IS CRITICAL.

Make sure you clearly understand your compensation plan; it is probably designed to reward leadership and to reward it quickly! You know you are going to win, so act as such. Be the Leader,

Do What Leaders Do, and enjoy the Results! The Bottom Line is: Since you know you are willing to take the action in Principles #1-4, then you know you are guaranteed the results.You play FULL OUT!

Every step that you can take to move in the direction of your goals, you take that step immediately and confidently. And because you expect the success of yourself, because YOU are willing to take the actions that successful people take, you expect success and leadership from those you allow on your team.

Since you are willing to pay the price of success, you expect others to also be willing to pay the price of success. Cultivate an expection of their leadership.

Principle 6 Learn the ART of being GRATEFUL for what you have.

This is an area where I am not going to spend very much time, but it so important to be grateful for what you have already. This was an area where i didn’t have it anywhere near right for a very long time.

Take time to smell the roses and take in all the wondrous things around you and just be extremely grateful to be alive and kicking.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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