Success Is One Decision Away

Success Is One Decision Away From Happening

Success is one decision away, it is 90% mental, a mindset thing. For most people the action point never arrives. Why? Because the decision is put off until another day and do you know what? Tomorrow never really comes, does it?

So, you reach a conclusion, that this is something that you really want to do, but this idea will remain a dream, because your resolve and your commitment are seriously lacking. The objective seemed great at the beginning, but you allow procrastination to rule and shelve your plans. At some time later in the future that superb idea attends it’s own funeral and is buried and consigned to the garbage can forever.success-is-one-decision-away

This not only happens in network marketing, but all facets of life. We delay the action point and strike another negative nail in our fragile psyche. The accumulative effect of these numerous hammer blows take their toll over time, thereby reducing our ability to make meaningful decisions and achieve big.

How Can You Overcome The Disconnect Between Decision And Action?

Actually it is a very simple process to jump over this hurdle and win every time. Once you make that decision you need to get into action within the first 30 minutes. At the very least that day, the quicker the better, immediately if you can.

So let me give you an example of an actual decision that lead to a massive win for myself. Many years ago I used to be a track athlete. A friend of mine threw the gauntlet down to me about taking part in a cross country race. Now I hated cross country and it would have been easy just to say yes and then wave goodbye to my friend and forget what he said.

However I took up that 120 day challenge reluctantly, but still went on to come first in the race. My success was down to three things that I did the day of the decision.


  • I wrote my goal down on paper, where I could see it everyday
  • I planned out on paper, how I was going to win in detail
  • I instantly went out and ran the course. (I ran the same course every weekday for the next 17 weeks).



When you have a purpose, you plan and execute with commitment, the goal is yours, period.You can do this my friend. I promise you.

Success is one decision away.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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