Strive For Excellence Not Perfection

Strive For Excellence In Network Marketing

Strive for excellence in everything that you do. Network Marketers are not gymnasts or Olympic divers and do not have to be perfect all of the time. There are many qualities and skills that are needed along the way, but perfection definitely isn’t one of them

Excellence is good enough, because it is all about getting into action now, today. We all know that if you or I wait until conditions are desirable, we will never get started. We all need to begin exactly where we are at that particular moment in time.

Now this doesn’t mean that you or I should be happy or satisfied with being mediocre or avoid improvement. Because we all need to refine and exceed our expectations continually.

The trouble is that if we make perfection our goal we shall surely fail. No-one can be perfect permanently, because that desired outcome will probably never be reached.

If you were to complete 85 to 95% of your planned actions or tasks, then the chances are that you would become outstanding at what you do. By all means aim for 100%, but don’t be too disappointed if you miss out. you must leave room for error along the path.strive for excellence not perfection

Striving for excellence is a brilliant goal, because it has an in built degree of flexibility, which perfection does not. Of course we need to get better, advance and develop, but you should never get frustrated because you didn’t achieve 100%. Be aware that sometimes life, distractions and unforeseen circumstances just jump in front of you and it will disrupt your life and knock you off balance. Sometimes you just have to say, “Things like this are going to happen, so let’s just move on.”

Personally I believe striving for excellence is a wonderful target for network marketers. Perfection is just a dream for most people. Could a person reach perfection? Yes they could, however it would be extremely hard to remain there indefinitely.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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