Stop Playing Hide And Seek. Become Visible Not Invisible

Why Must Network Marketers Stop Playing Hide And Seek?

Network Marketers should stop playing hide and seek from this moment on, because their inconsistency is gradually killing them off and robbing them of their dream(s).

Becoming engaged in silly games is costing everyone dearly, through a wastage of precious time and money.

Network marketers should become concerned about learning to buckle down to some hard graft, implement some progressive repetition and massive action into their businesses.

What Is Meant By Playing Hide And Seek?

Certain people within the network marketing profession duck and dive, take short cuts, procrastinate, avoid becoming a professional and dart in and out.

This is exactly what I mean by playing hide and seek, they blow hot and cold. Sometimes they are doing it and they are present and other times they are invisible and doing very little, if anything.stop-playing-hide-and-seek

There Are Different Ways Of Playing Hide And Seek? What Do I Mean By That?

Well some people turn up at all the events, they are absolute event champions. They spend lots of money on local, regional and national meetings, but leave, go home and then do very little or absolutely nothing.

I am qualified to say this, because I used to be one of them.

Why would someone do that over and over again? Maybe they just want to feel good, some of the time and be part of something.

If that is the case then great for them.

Others do fantastically well for one whole week or a month. Then they go AWOL (absent without leave) or as I like to call it MIA (missing in action).

Possibly this last group of people are plain embarrassed by their lack of commitment, persistence and momentum. They probably expected much more from themselves and now want to shut themselves away in the attic or basement, never showing their faces again.

Understand That Most People Get It Wrong Here

There is only a small percentage of people that earn the big money in network marketing. We all have the same opportunity, but some people, for whatever reason choose to goof off and lay down their tools and go on strike for some reason.

Most of the time it is just a lame or poor excuse. The good news is that we all can be highly successful and break free from the leg irons that we feel are tying us to the ground.

So What Can A Network Marketer Do Today?

1. Learn to have more fun and really start to enjoy their experience in this wonderful profession.

2. Start afresh from now, today, wipe the slate clean and get excited about their future.

3. Get serious about their goals, develop some strong feelings and reasons why this can work for them.

4. Go out and make a few dollars, pounds or euros this week and prove to themselves that this can actually work for them.

Know that there is no-one holding anyone back except themselves and the barriers, obstacles and hurdles they place in their own way. Everyone should stop playing hide and seek NOW!.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Stop playing hide and seek.