Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer

Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer

I was very sad to hear the news statement that ‘Steve Jobs Dies Of Pancreatic Cancer’ this Wednesday at age 56. He was a true visionary and had also an absolute legend in the technical world. Jobs and the Apple team had marketed numerous outstanding products worldwide consistently. I was looking around my office and noticed some of amazing Apple products, which included my MacBook Pro and realized just how much impact Steve Jobs and Apple had on me.steve jobs dies of pancreatic cancer

Now did I do this blog post to attract more visitors, you bet. But more importantly, Steve Jobs was exactly the same age as myself, which definitely made me think. As we move through our lives, do we actually pay attention to our bodies and do what is required to stay healthy.

Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer and this really struck a chord with me because I am a nutrition instructor and I believe that most people do not take their bodies very seriously and only panic when it is too late.

So why wait until you are struggling with an illness, do something today to put the best antioxidants available into your body.

So for all entrepreneurs out there, keep creating ideas, adapting, overcoming challenges and using your innovative skills to enhance the lives of people around the world, with products and services of value.

Steve Jobs, we salute you, my friend, Thank you.

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Paul Bursey


Steve Jobs dies of pancreatic cancer