Staying Ahead Of The Competition Part II

Staying Ahead Of The Competition. How Do You Progress Further?

It is vitally important that you are staying ahead of the competition, continually tweaking and testing many different approaches in every area of your business. Now, you know your own particular business from top to bottom, you are going after the correct market, which maximises your monetary budget and have increased the tempo by increasing the quantity (massive action plan) and the quality of the actions you take. Now we move on to three other things you must do to ensure that you are staying ahead of the competition.staying ahead

4. Adopt The Mindset Of A Winner

You have to expect to be number 1 to have any chance, so a great posture and the winning mindset become almost omnipotent. Expect nothing less than success and to top the ratings, but it is more than that. We know that at some stage and hopefully right at the start you will actually begin to do what is required to get to the first spot and stay there. You have to become the person you want to be right at the commencement of your quest, then you will find yourself thinking and doing what the number 1 would do. In the end, if you follow this path you will have what the number 1 has. Be Do Have.

5. Develop An Inner Strength Of Conviction

How would you ensure that you first develop and then keep that inner conviction that you are number 1, so that you? Eli Manning told everyone that he was an elite quarterback before he actually was one. He had the dream to be an elite player and he is one after last night’s performance. So you have to have a deep belief in yourself and never waiver from that thought for a single minute.

How do you keep that inner strength of conviction? Only mix with the people who are going to uplift, train and encourage you to be and stay at the number 1 spot. The other keys here are what you watch, who you listen to and those people you take counsel from.

6. Practice, Practice And More Practice

Gary Player that great golfer from South Africa said this, ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get.’

Let these words sink into your mind and you will realize that this is the key to success and learn to remain in the number 1 spot for any length of time.

John Wooden, the most famous basketball coach said, ‘ It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.’¬†

I think that he was referring to the art of practicing. He didn’t care about whether he had a superstar or superstars on his team or not. He didn’t care how good they were already because he would get them practicing 400 free throws a day, to perfect their craft. Practising is about developing into the complete professional, doing whatever is required to win.

For me it is always about practicing and trying out new ways, tweaking and testing to find what works best. I remember as a 10-year-old climbing over a fence into the local school field with a football when it was dark. On the field was a soccer goal with a net, where I taught myself soccer skills. I would practice hundreds and hundreds of times with each exercise until I became very good at what I did. It culminated in a professional trial for Chelsea.

So staying ahead of the competition is not just about becoming the best. You have to keep working at it every day.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey