Stay Focused On Your Dream

You Have To Stay Focused On Your Dream

Why? Stay focused on your dream, because there isn’t anybody else who is really interested in what you want, generally and that is how it should be.Network marketers have to be totally aware of this.

Yes, you want a certain degree of support, but you have to understand that it may be, that the assistance and back up you seek may not be there at the moment and may never be available to you in the future.

Never Rely On Anyone Else.

As a network marketer, you can never rely on any one person, other than yourself, to keep the dream alive and the vision in front of you.

Your dream belongs to you and you only. It will be attacked by the world at large and you will have to build up a thick skin if you are able to fend the wolves off.

Yes, you cope with any outsiders, but it is very hard when that attacker is someone you love or trust. As far as I am concerned that is totally unacceptable.

Never Compromise With Toxicity.

I am getting to that stage in my life where I tell people, “Back me or sack me.”

Personally I refuse to be in a toxic environment, where there are people or a person who doesn’t fully understand where I am coming from and at the same time puts me down, attacks what I am trying to do and takes a negative stance.

Obviously I accept a difference of opinion and I hope you do to. But there is a big deviation between opinion and aggressive opposition. What do you think?

I think that everyone in the network marketing profession should show a courteous expression of regard and respect for another’s wishes, dreams or goals.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show The Red Card.

The bottom line is that you, as an individual, in network marketing, must remain focused on your dream. If that other person is unsupportive, then consider giving them their marching orders in certain circumstances. Stay focused on your dream.

Does that sound over the top or too extreme, then great. If you don’t take action, then a severe amount of regret and resentment will build up over time and become a more serious challenge for you down the line.

You owe it to yourself and your future to stay focused on your dream and what you really want for yourself and your life.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System