Stay Away From Drama And Negativity

Why Stay Away From Drama And Negativity As Much As Possible?

Because it is sensible, calming and getting involved in shouting matches, arguments and gossip will just bring you down. It is that simple. You must stay as far away as possible from drama, if you want to build a successful network marketing business. Stay away from drama, negativity and thrive or allow yourself to be enveloped by poor conversations and toxic environments.

The result of surrounding yourself with crap, bad language, poor choice of friends and losers, will be that your future, your opportunity and your hopes will go up in smoke and slowly strangled or they will just melt away like the wicked witch in the film Wizard Of Oz. But it won’t be Dorothy that finishes you off it will be your own actions that will be your undoing.stay-away-from-drama-and-negativity

Learn To Steer Well Clear Of Controversy Or Altercations

The challenge for all of us is that it is so easy to be either sucked or dragged in to poor situations. So if you find yourself gravitating towards those poisonous dialogues, then politely withdraw from the fray and leave that place immediately.

Sometimes being involved in struggle, quarrel or feud can be very intoxicating and you can be tugged into something very slowly without realizing what is happening until it is too late.

Top leaders within the network marketing profession must either control their environment or remove themselves from anywhere where their attitude, self-image or karma is going to be compromised. Basically it could ace your future.

It is so easy to be attracted to a fight, either verbal or physical, and or a vicious verbal jousting match that will have either an extremely detrimental or massively disastrous effect on your health and life balance.

What Really Happens To You If You Succumb To Squabbles Or Bickering?

Well, for a start you will feel bad for some time. You may well win that battle at the time and feel temporarily exhilarated. But you may well lose the war over a longer period. I know when I have allowed myself to be hooked into a spat, an exchange or scrap I have always lost in the long run. Mainly having an empty feeling inside. I did this on a lot of occasions before I understood that it is better to walk away smiling and avoid crossfire.

You will lose focus and waste valuable time. Now whether that is permanently or temporary is up to you, but wouldn’t it be more productive, effective and progressive to avoid the fracas in the first place? Then you would not only feel good, you would continue your momentum and keep moving forward more rapidly.

In Conclusion

Learn to distance yourself from unnecessary situations, knowing that your serenity, composure and tranquility will remain intact for longer periods. Thereby allowing you to concentrate on what is important in your life and business.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Stay away from drama