Start Your Day On A Positive Note

Do You Start Your Day On A Positive Note?

I wonder how you “start your day” off, whether it could be classed as enjoyable or rather negative? I think mine is a work in motion and that is how it may always be I suppose. A lifelong learning curve, that is for ever changing.

I am sure everyone has their own way of waking up and starting their day. But it is how you “start your day” that is important, because it is totally unique to you and you alone.

Today I am next to Pismo Beach, in California and the weather is fantastic. I have already seen a dolphin in the pacific ocean. and that is a great start to the day. The challenge is that most of us have very busy lives where work usually takes centre stage and controls what we do and how we start our day.

If you could have your early morning time to yourself every day, how would you “start your day?”start-your-day-on-a-positive-note

Would you spend a small amount of time, first thing in the morning in solitude, which could be described as a private time for seclusion, reflection and privacy. Personally I think it is ideal to have this time to just be still, quiet and think about your day ahead. It is a peaceful time, where you can organise your thoughts and plans.

So how else would you “start your day?” 

Maybe you would like to journal about your successes, the extraordinary day that you are just about to take part in or about any plans, goals, dreams or ambitions you may have.

You may just prefer to go for a walk, read an uplifting book or listen to an outstanding speaker, when considering how you are going to “start your day”

I think it is vital for you to start your day in the right way and most definitely on a positive note. It is so easy to begin your new day in the wrong way, in a negative fashion and become a grump or whiner. Obviously it is your choice what you do.

Your expectations are crucial to the way you “start your day”. I expect every day to go extremely well and to be fair, it seems to work very well indeed. 

The way you “start your day” is one of those areas where you actually can control what happens, unlike the rest of your day, where you have little control over events that occur.

Also any mild form of physical movement is an excellent way of easing yourself into daily life, such as stretching, swimming, walking or light jogging.

I hope you use this exciting time first thing in the morning to sort yourself out, get a lot of things done and organise your life in general.

A good breakfast is a healthy way to “start your day” off in the right way, preferably high in fibre, protein and carbohydrates. Because you will need lots of energy to be able to compete at a very high level, not only at the beginning of your day, but throughout the day as well.

You may also want to consider taking part in activities such as pilates, yoga or meditation. These types of leisure pursuits are fantastic ways to include in the early part of your day.

Everything is personal choice and how you “start your day” is something for you consider and then introduce if appropriate. Good luck.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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