Start With A Clean Slate Everyday

Start With A Clean Slate Whenever You Want

When building a network marketing business you need to clear the decks and start afresh. Do not take what you did previously into the next day, ever.

If you have had a fantastic day previously, then do not rest on your laurels, that was yesterday, not today. Consistency is the key here, not wallowing in your small successes and forgetting the new day. But by all means add your wins to your victory list for review purposes, but move on.start with a clean slate everyday

If the previous day was a complete failure, then just let it go and start again. This is critical if you are aiming at being persistently persistent, because if you ponder on a bad day, you will end up with more of the same. If you dwell on a good day you will think that you have arrived.

Persistence is all about doing stuff every day without fail, you know, keeping going when all of your friends are at the bar. So whatever has happened the previous day, stays there, so that you start with a clean slate everyday regardless of the results.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Start with a clean slate every day.