Start Fast And Finish Strong

Why Would You Want To Start Fast And Finish Strong?

The most important thng is that starting fast creates speed and momentum. This is a crucial element when commencing a new MLM or Network Marketing venture. Start fast and finish strong.

It is that exciting stage that normally is never repeated again. You only get one shot at this initial enthusiastic thrust forward with your new project.start fast

Does that mean that you cannot continue to move forward at great pace, no. But there is something really special about your first 90 days.

Some people like to call it ignorance on fire and maybe it is. It seems to be similar in nature to that first date with a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend. It is that never to be replaced feeling of beginning, so you must learn to enjoy the moment(s) and hang on tight for an exhilarating ride or journey.

But there are many that have come before you in MLM, who have had that enthusiasm, but have not managed to hold their nerve or have become stale over a period of time and quit.

So you need to transition between that wonderful initial stimulation and the up and coming extended career of being a successful network marketer.

You must remain intoxicated by your ambitions, retain the passion and still feel the thrill, pleasure and sensation of your business opportunity, even after the dust has settled. This is what most people cannot do and alas they quit much too early.

So, what is the key to longevity in our industry?

The key is you and how you feel about what you are doing.

I personally believe that you have to finish strong, in fact finish stronger than anyone else, because most people start fast, but interest wanes at some stage for most people.finish strong

I remember being in the police cadets and taking part in a 40-mile hike in North Wales, which was spread over two days. When we started I lagged behind everyone else and this is where I found out, ‘It is not how you start that matters, it is how you finish.’

Initially I struggled to keep up the pace, but in the second half of the walk I was the strongest by far and had to wait for everyone else.

Not everyone has blistering speed out of the blocks or is on the front grid in formula one. It is the person who has belief in himself or herself enough to keep going that is important. You don’t need to hit the chequered flag first or stand on the rostrum in order to win..

In our professsion it isn’t necessarily about being first. It is about reaching 100% of the goals that you have set for yourself.

Does it matter when you get there? Absolutely not, it is your journey.

So start fast and finish strong. Starting fast is preferable, but finishing stronger is the main key here. The ability to keep on keeping on and the skills of perseverance, persistence, determination and consistency rule.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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