Spinning Plates Will Exhaust You

Spinning Plates Is Multi-Tasking In Disguise

Spinning plates smacks of confusion and lack of direction. If one is trying to focus on more than one area at a time, then a change of tactics should be considered. An individual would probably become an also ran and give up through lack of success.

The key here is spending ┬átime on one thing and learning to master that specific item. If someone was a 100 metre specialist, they wouldn’t run a marathon in training, would they? They might do it for charity, but it wouldn’t be part of their Olympic training regime.

Competence And Confidence Will Suffer

If people jump from one thing to another, whether it is a career, a sport or a business, that person would never become good at anything. Human beings switch from one shiny object to the next, discarding the good that has already been created or produced. By leaping about competence will be non existent and in the long term confidence will plummet.spinning-plates-will-exhaust-you

So let’s talk about you. If you, as a network marketer, want to grow and improve at anything worthwhile, you will need to chose a passion or desire and promise yourself that you will stay on track, until you have taken it as far as you can go. Otherwise you would end up going down yet another rabbit hole and coming up bewildered, mainly because you will have achieved absolutely nothing.

Always Focus On Specifics

So chose wisely and then become totally focused on that one particular sport, hobby, business or project. Find out exactly what needs to be done to enable you to win. Spend some time planning your journey in detail. Remember that the goal will remain the same generally, but the path needs to be flexible.

You must have a crystal clear vision of where you are going and what needs to be completed. Don’t be put off by negative people, bad situations or a toxic environment. If you deviate off course, get back on track as quickly as you can. Make sure that you don’t become distracted by outside influences, such as people, cell phones and the computer. Keep distractions to a minimum. Don’t become one of those people that ends up just spinning plates and purchases a ticket to nowhereville.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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