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Speed Is The key In MLM Or Is It?

We all know that fast is exciting in this world we live in and we can see that watching Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Olympic 100 metres final, but speed is the key in MLM.

There are two schools of thought, so let us examine them more closely. Let us have a bit of fun here, but also understanding that there is some reality here.

Cheetahs, Hares And Rhinos

The first type of people includes the cheetahs, hares and rhinos, they come into the home business with a bang and set records, build numbers very quickly and seem to be knocking the ball out of the park. 

The cheetah arrives and leaves so quickly, it is like the old revolving doors. You say to yourself, "Where did they go to?" Usain Bolt has left the building.

speed is the keyCheetahs and hares are the, 'now you see me now you don't'  type who bring disrepute to the home business industry as well as frustration and disbelief. 

The hare is also very quickly on the scene, but leaves a mess and doesn't really care about others, only themselves. I mean they left their best friend, the tortoise, behind. They do not normally stay very long and when they have gone you say, "well actually it doesn't make that much difference." 

Now the rhinos are a strange breed,because they definitely have the talent and they do need to slow down at some stage. Some stay and some go, some are excellent at what they do and some just flatter to deceive. But there are some outstanding leaders and super stars who emerge from this group.  

Real superstars go on to build very large and substantial organisations. Then we have the overnight successes, who do absolutely brilliantly for the first month or three months and then disappear as quickly as they arrived. 

Now the important points about speed to note are these:-

1) It can be very efficient to be rapid rather than pedestrian, if it is done with the right spirit and longevity in mind.

2) Fast is exciting, there are no two ways about this. but most people love the charge of the rhino, as long as it lasts the pace.

3) People in general get quite bored and fed up when they are building at a snail's pace. Too few results in the first 90 days, usually means that the new person will not stay.

Tortoises, Lions And Eagles

The second type of people we have include the tortoises, lions and eagles.

The tortoise is slow and sometimes could be described as boring, but believe me this is where you can find the true superstar. Now there will be plenty of tortoises that can't stand the wait for success, but from what I have seen these are some of the best to have on your team and over the long haul they make a lot of money. Resilience and persistence shine through in everything that they do.speed is the key

The lions are brave, courageous and not the fastest about, but they are nicely ruthless in their approach to MLM. They are quick when they need to be and can also think before striking. If you can get a lion and a tortoise together, watch out. Speed is the key.

Lastly we have the eagles who appear to be loners, but in reality they are team leaders. These are the cream of the crop, because they stay ahead of the game, stand tall and lead from the front. 

Now the important points about slow and steady to note are these:-

1) Although it can show out to others as boring and tedious, most of the big hitters in MLM are slow and steady. This is normally where the biggest successes are found.

2) This is where the millionaires and big money in MLM come from on most occasions, not the overnight success or flash in the pan. 

3) The quite and unassuming leaders are for the most part the ones who deserve the respect and admiration for their success.  They are massive action takers, but do not shoot their mouths off to others. They let the results speak for themselves, they genuinely care about people and are there for their team.

So Is Speed The Key In MLM?

It can be for some people, but not for others. In an MLM you want people who are prepared to charge, but they must be team players as well as individuals and take people with them on their journey.

Speed is great when used well, but always be on the lookout for the steady, persistent, brave and courageous ones who are going to be there come what may. 

So in essence it is all about striking a balance and selecting your team wisely. Speed is the key.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Speed is the key.