Speed Agility Quickness. Are They Relevant In Entrepreneurship?

Speed Agility Quickness Matter

In my humble opinion, speed agility and quickness are absolutely essential and here is why.

I come from a sports background, former track and cross country athlete, marathon runner, soccer player, and manager, so yes you could say I have sport running through my veins and these three words were very important to me in that world. But as I moved from the sports world into the business world where you needed an entrepreneurial mindset, I realized that these skills were golden assets I could use and apply in becoming an entrepreneur.

You need to break these three words down and see if they apply to you and building your mlm, netwrok marketing or home business?

1. Speed

The speed at which you build your business is or can be a critical factor as you build wealth and grow within this industry. The speed I refer to is not running to appoinrtments, but it relates to the momentum you initiate and keep turned on.

To be fair no-one likes slow in this industry, because it plain turns people off and is really boring. The end result in most cases is boredom, indifference and poverty.

So get some pace in your life and in your business. The world loves a busy person, but make sure what you do is worthwhile action and not shuffling papers and tidying your desk.

speed agility quicknessThe speed, pace or momentum is set by you and your team. If it is laborious, people won’t be around you very long, but if it is rapid growth, then this will breed wealth, results, success and explosive movement in the right direction.

2. Agility

As an athlete I was always fast, but agility was not on my radar. I was never sure whether it was me or I wasn’t cut out to be supple and flexible. (It was mainly me by the way).

To be a top athlete you need agility and also as an entrepreneur you need flexibility and the agility. In the case of entrepreneurship the agility is the ability to jump onto things quickly and not wait, so it is more agility of the mind, fast thinking.

In other words, you need to act now and not next week. If you come up with a great idea, act on it, don’t get caught by the pack. Most people procrastinate and if they get going at all, they are too slow, not aware of what is happening around them.

So the agility is the ability to be observant and see 360 degrees and not have tunnel vision. By all means, totally focus on your goal or goals, but when it comes to the actual building of your business, you need to know what is going on all around you and not miss any opportunity.

3. Quickness

Now we have already established that you need to be quick in this world and build momentum. We also have said that you require the unique skill of awareness and not missing a single thing or opportunity. But there is much more here.

This is in the area of the mind and staying sharp. If you watch some sports people and in this case soccer players, you notice that some people have the knack of not being caught with the ball and always having time to pass without challenge.

This is a combination of a sharp quick mind, coupled together with fast feet and speed off the mark. As an entrepreneur you will have to be quick off of the mark, be first, be a leader and not wait for ideal conditions to be totally right, which they never will of course.

Quickness is all about making the necessary moves and decisions without hesitation and without stalling. In the case of many soccer players, if they hold on to the ball too long, they are the only ones who do not see the opposing player coming to tackle them and run off with the ball. The classy players already know where there opponents are and this gives them just enough thinking time to be effective.

American football is another example of these three skills. Just take a look at Eli Manning of the New Yor Giants, a man at the top of his game, did he get caught or sacked a few times, yes, but overall he displayed speed, agility and quickness. These qualities and the never give up attitude won them the Superbowl.

In conclusion

Are these three top level qualities of speed, agility and quickness important? No, they are vital in most industries, because who wants to know about a second place, not many, I can assure you.

Even as a police officer, these skills were extremely vital for me personally, because it was the combination of remaining fit, speed of thought and and awareness that allowed me to stay 100% active throughtout my entire career.

If you haven’t before start working on your mind and body to be able to react to situations quickly and create satisfaction in all that you do. You will never regret it I can assure you.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Speed Agility Quickness

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