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Social Media Marketing Guidelines

Marketing, in general, is a very serious business and if you refuse or delay your marketing you will have no business of any kind. To be able to market effectively will require time, money or a combination of both. Social media marketing is a slightly different animal to ordinary media marketing

Social media marketing can be a key component to add to your marketing arsenal, but you have to realize that although the basics of marketing always remain the same, social media marketing has an exciting element attached to it and that is the power of networking.

If you are not the type of person who wants to network then maybe social media marketing will not be for you. However, if you are a social animal then platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the places to be on a regular basis.

Being successful with your social media marketing is all about following a few guidelines in order to be attractive to your readers.

1. Be a real person and connect with people on a one to one basis. A connection is your number one goal here because it says everything about you. If you are great at connecting with people then your following will grow rapidly

2. Be real nice and do not upset people. However, you must have an edge and be totally unique. Attacking people or annoying them will end up with you being rejected by the very people you want to influence. Become attractive in everything you do on these sites and make sure you do repel anyone. 

3. Have fun and be creative on the social media sites. We all need to laugh, smile and be happy. So make sure you are someone who people just love to be around. Think of it as if you are at a party, how would you connect with people there?

4. If you have a business do not become a salesperson on your personal sites, because this is a complete turn-off. Consider creating a business page to provide valuable and unique content. Keep business and personal stuff separate, if you can.

5. Keep things fresh and positive, but avoid things like politics and religion. We all have our own views, beliefs and we are entitled to our opinions. But people come on to these to enjoy themselves not to be lectured to about what you believe in.

In Conclusion

I have found from many previous mistakes that it is not the best policy to mix business with pleasure whilst being involved in social media marketing. However, this is just one point of view that others may disagree with and that is fine.

We all have our own ways of doing things, but I think everyone will agree that we should not be too serious with anything that we are trying to achieve on social media sites. Make your social media experience an enjoyable and happy one moving forward.

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