Creating A Smooth Flow In Your Business

Aim For A Smooth Flow Rather Than Force

A smooth flow makes things enjoyable. I am referring to your sales process and when you are talking to prospective partners.

It is so important that the flow of your business runs as smooth as possible. How can you ensure this happens as much as possible?smooth flow

Well for starters you have no real control over your company’s promotion material but it doesn’t stop you suggesting better ways of presenting your opportunity to them. Some businesses make people jump through too many hoops to get to a place where they can comfortably make an educated decision and in a lot of cases the prospect has had enough and just wanted a reasonably easy process to go through.

Simplicity is the key to the smooth running of your business. So assuming that the video, audio or live call that your prospects go to have had the rough edges taken away, you then need to look at yourself and what you say to people.

Whatever you say it must be conversational and not force the issue. People must feel that they are with a professional but at the same time feel comfortable with you. The key here is can you work with them and can they work with you, so easy rapport is the way to go.

You must never force the conversation, by all means, show confidence and have posture but not to the exclusion of smoothness.

When you talk to prospective partners they need to feel that they are with a winner but that this person, you, really do care about their future and you can assist them. The only way that this will happen is if the conversation runs smoothly and they do not feel under any pressure at all.

You are not there to basically sell your opportunity to them, you are there as their guide, getting them all of the information and making it quite plain that they must make their own minds up, and come to their own educated result.

There are many reasons why people do not make a success of their network marketing business and one of the biggest mistakes is trying to ram the information down the throat of your prospect. Make sure they do receive all the relevant information but also concentrate on being you and being really nice.

Remember they may well not join you this time around but may later if they feel that you are someone worth knowing and spending time with.

Become a people person, listen to your prospects and show them how to get what they want by being involved in your business opportunity. Now the whole process is selling. let us not kid ourselves that it is not anything else, but it is critical to complete the process in the right way.

So the message here is quite simple, aim for smooth flow rather than force. Let these good people make their own minds up and when they chose, it is their choice and not yours.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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