Slow Is Smooth Smooth Is Fast

Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast. Is That Right?

‘Slow is smooth’ is basically another way of saying ‘less haste more speed’. If you think about it logically, that is usually the case in most situations.

We spend our lives in network marketing mentally and physically rushing around all over the place, spinning many plates, never really concentrating one specific thing, never following anything through to completion. So slow is definitely smooth and this will move you right along to the next stage, which is ‘smooth is fast.’ 

I believe that the military first coined the term, ‘slow is smooth.’ and it was all based on the difference between being methodical and professional, against being reckless and ineffective. The end result of taking the first course of action was normally death or serious injury. 

In the case of network marketing, blundering into things will normally cost you time, money and energy. So perhaps take the time to learn and practice one strategy and then carefully think before acting.

Consider people like accountants, bomb disposal experts, drafters or snipers, these specialists spend quiet time diligently and skilfully practising their craft and the results are on average, outstanding. Their success is all based on performing their drills, skills and techniques in a slow and unruffled manner.slow is smooth

So ‘slow is fast’ becomes an effective strategy and an essential component for you in your network marketing  business.

The key for you is to pull in the reins a little and pay attention to what you are doing. Stop running all around the place like a demented or headless chicken and stop. Stop, smell the roses and plan your actions, rather than jumping in and being pulled in many different and varied directions.

Now I have to say that this is not an excuse for you to avoid action, far from it. Stopping and really thinking about what you are doing, concentrating on one thing at a time and then developing the ability to stay on track, is crucial to your future success.

Massive action will always be one of those areas which will be vital for everyone involved in our industry, which will include the numbers game and the law of averages, but please don’t ignore becoming a true professional.

Get involved and get excited about your life and business,  Make sure that precision and passion make an irresistible pairing in your world. 

Lastly, when you make precision your goal, then slow will definitely be your smooth, as you progress forward.  Also the quote ‘smooth is fast’ will be added to repertoire, when you have honed your craft, enhanced skill sets, adopted professionalism and risen up to an expert level in your field.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System


Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

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