Are You Single Minded Enough?

Are You Single Minded Enough To Succeed?

What does single minded mean to you? Well for me it means being hell bent on achieving a goal or getting something completed. It means that I am committed and purposeful. When I am in the process of achieving a goal, then I am tenacious and resolute, most of the time, not always.

The famous book, ‘Think And Grow Rich,’ describes single mindedness as definiteness of purpose. It is basically knowing what you want and going for it. It means being headed in one specific direction in a dedicated way.

How Do You Relate Being Single Minded With Network Marketing?

The key to being single minded is learning the art of simplicity. It is so easy to become confused and overwhelmed. When you first start you are bombarded with a heap of information, which is too much and can be stressful.

Being of one mind is about sifting through the tremendous amounts of training material and the learning curve and picking out what makes sense and what you can use effectively. It is also about listening to people who know what they are talking about.are-you-single-minded-enough

Be Definite With Your Decisions

When you make a decision, make sure you embrace ‘definiteness of purpose’ and use it as a yardstick. Most people get wrapped up with everyday life, fail to keep their eye on the ball and stop making great decisions. Network marketers stop themselves being successful, mainly due to poor decision making and procrastination.

Be precise and definite about all the decisions you make and don’t be put off or let down by a well meaning relative or friend. They aren’t going to pay your bills, so listen and mentor with the best people available.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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