Simplicity Of Network Marketing

Simplicity Of Network Marketing

Are you aware of  ‘The Simplicity Of Network Marketing’ in comparison to other businesses, such as, Franchising or a ‘Brick and Mortar’ business. It is quite amazing.

I remember when I first started in network marketing that I kept things extremely easy and simple, but as time moved on I began to over complicate the basic things that I needed to complete on a daily basis. The end result was that my results deteriorated quite quickly.simplicity of network marketing

Now there are three very large problems that you may encounter if you make things more complicated than they should be.

1) OVERWHELM – You will be like the entertainer on stage spinning plates, moving from one plate to another, but never really achieving anything of any significance.

You will lose your effectiveness and get totally bogged down with minutia, you know, small or trifling matters. Make sure you are taking advice from experts or successful people within your business and following their suggestions. Talk to the most successful person that you know in your opportunity and be guided by them.

Overwhelm will kill your excitement rapidly if you allow it to creep in.

2)  THE SALES PROCESS – This is a area of your business that must remain extremely simple and effective. It should look something like this :=

A) Drive traffic to your LANDING PAGE using at least three different types of advertising.

B)  Once you have generated a lead give them a quick call (DIALOGUE) and have a genuine and authentic conversation to begin the process of building a bridge and networking. Again keep this very simple.

C)  Then SUPPLY them the information about your business so that they can make their own educated decision as to whether they want to become involved or not.

D)  Always FOLLOW UP at a time you both agree on, when you can answer their questions, considering a 3 way call if required.

E)  The last part is asking them to make a DECISION. It is that simple.

If you try and make it more difficult you may well falter and not have any success.


3) YOUR FINANCES – You need to have a budget and be aware of what you can afford and what you cannot. This is an area where you can put yourself out of business very quickly if you do not get it right.

ALWAYS BE GUIDED BY SOMEONE MORE EXPERIENCED IN THIS AREA I am quite happy to talk to anyone on the telephone or Skype about this article.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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The simplicity of network marketing.