Simplicity Is Key

Simplicity Is Key And Confusion Is Terminal

You hear the word commitment mentioned when anyone is going to start anything of worthwhile note. But there is another word that should be attached to it as well and that word is simplicity. Simplicity is key. In other words just plain keeping things extremely simple.simplicity is the key

Yes, by all means, learn the art of persistence, but make sure you simplify everything that you do. You see you can be absolutely committed and persist without exception. The worry or concern though is that you may become confused or burnt out by making things complicated. Confusion is like cancer and will kill your enthusiasm very quickly.

I think this is where one on one coaching comes into its own and a vital component of your business moving forward. That is staying in close contact with your sponsor and talking one on one. Also making sure that people you bring in stay talking to you one on one as well.

Now is this going to take a bit more time, absolutely, but I hope you realize that simple communication is the most important component of any organization and without it, your team will die rapidly.

Sometimes your head will feel like it is ready to burst with so much information. However, a good sponsor or leader will be aware of this and make sure you do not do too much, early on. They will guide you and not allow you to become bogged down with too much information.

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Simplicity is key.

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