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One of the first things I was told in network marketing was to keep it really simple and easy. At the beginning I made so many mistakes that it became laughable. But the biggest thing I got wrong was making things too complicated.simple and easy

Now as a very successful former police detective I took great pride in the fact that I kept things extremely simple. Let me give you an example. When I was in training school learning to be a police officer in 1974 in Hendon, London, we had to wait 7 weeks before we could make a simulated arrest.

Now I received a short briefing before being confronted by a suspect. Then I was met by a man who was walking along the road carrying an automatic pistol. So I stopped this man and immediately took the gun from him (I had been told that the weapon was loaded) and now I was safe to question him.

Now the law is extremely simple in this type of matter.

So here are the questions I asked the suspect 36 years ago.

Q1 “Is this your firearm?” A “yes.”

Q2 “Do you have a firearms certificate to enable you to carry this firearm?” A “No.”

Q3 “What is your name and address?” A “I am not giving it to you.”

At that point I arrested him for the offense of carrying a firearm, not having a firearms certificate and refusing to give me his name and address. Simple and clear-cut.

I was marked 7 out 10 for that arrest because I didn’t investigate properly and ask him more questions. I argued that in this particular instance the law required me to act diligently and I could question him further at the police station.

That was exactly what I had been taught previously. They didn’t agree with me, fancy that. Anyway, my point is this in my career I used simplicity to be very successful but then forgot it when I joined a network marketing business.

If I used simplicity I would have earned more money. It was that simple. Here are 6 tips for keeping your MLM simple and easy.

  1. Make decisions very quickly and change them very slowly, your first instincts are probably correct. But be bold.
  2. Learn one source of marketing thoroughly before you move to the next source. Beware of overload.
  3. Choose your mastermind group very carefully and use successful people. Keep it very manageable.
  4. Develop definiteness of purpose. Know exactly where you want to go. Stay on target and build certainty.
  5. Do not allow yourself to become distracted for any reason. Do not entertain other business opportunities.
  6. Make sure your monkey chatter is positive all the time. Live with passion and total belief.

Now I can say this with experience because everything you see on the list I ignored when I started. So to save you a great amount of time don’t follow my early example.

I made a great decision to join a network marketing company in August 2006 but was plagued with other offers. You must have complete focus, which I didn’t have for a very long time. Until 2010 I had never really knuckled down and learned one form of marketing. I looked and dabbled with many.

You know the man who is on stage spinning all those plates, well maybe he is the jack of all trades and that was definitely me early on, but for you as a marketer, you need to master one form of advertising, before you move on to the second one.

So blogging is now my main marketing source. I will be moving on to videos and article marketing because of they all link up. But for now, it is blogging.

I also didn’t select my mastermind group very well because I would speak to anyone and everyone, good or bad, negative or positive.

Now I only speak to a few people and most of those are big earners or who have a big earner mentality. I keep it in small numbers as well. I know exactly where I am going, what amount of money I want to earn and WHY. I am conquering the bad habit of being distracted, mainly related to training and income producing activities.

I am also in the process of eliminating all the monkey chatter, negative self doubt etc. By identifying these 6 things I am less stressed and I now know I will enjoy fantastic consistent success in the future.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Keeping Your MLM Business Simple-Easy