Show Up Grow Up And Dig In

We Have To Show Up Grow Up and Dig In

When someone joins a network marketing company they don’t realize that they have to actually show up for work, not just pay the money, get their kit and throw it in a cupboard to gather dust. There are thousands who have made the decision to start a venture, but then refuse to undertake any further action, which may result in a win or some meaningful success.

Honestly can you believe that some people show up and pay their hard earned money for a business opportunity and never do anything with it at all, unbelievable. They might as well give their hard earned cash to a homeless person or charity, because I am sure it would do more good.

Many others just tinker with their opportunity or just poke it with the proverbial stick, hoping it will come to life and make money all on it’s own. Never going to happen.

It’s Not Just About Talk, Talk Is Cheap. It’s About Really Turning Up

People start projects, businesses and ventures all the time, but most never even get to the starting line. For those individuals who actually make it to the beginning point, many have a big problem with getting into action and they want it handed to them on a plate or golden platter.

Some people are physically there, but never get there mentally. There mindset is awful and they quite often say words like, “Whatever.” Many people never really commit to their future at any stage. To successfully complete the journey, people would have to ensure that they had a commitment to completion and go full out, all the way, push for the extra mile and just do whatever it takes to make

Most people can talk a good game or state what they intend to do saying, “I am going to do this.” or “I am going to do that.” But the real acid test is taking care of business on a regular and consistent basis. In network marketing we are referring to income producing activities. You know those tasks that are actually going to produce results and make money.

Sometimes We Need To Shake Ourselves Out Of Old Routines

The problem is that most people live in the past and think that their old ways and results are all they can ever expect or look forward to in the future.

Everyone needs to shake off their loser mentality, expect great results, anticipate success and rid themselves of their poverty thinking.

Individuals must step up to the mark and ditch their old operating methods and try new ways to get the job done. To live in the past and regret old actions, is the quickest way to disaster in their new project.

Distributors Must Stand Firm And Complete Their Journey

People need to stand shoulder to shoulder with leaders and stay around them until they win. But they must be able to stand alone and work on their own, but at the same time not forgetting that team work is paramount, if achievement is their goal or dream.

The road to success will be uneven and uncompromising. Only a few people will ultimately make it to the end. Is the new person going to be one of the few? Boldness and confidence are rare qualities, distributors should acquire them as rapidly as possible.

The key for anyone is to keep chipping away on a persistent basis and with tenacity, knowing that success will be just around the corner, although it cannot be seen straight away. too many people have stopped a few feet from gold, don’t be one of them.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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Show up, grow up and dig in.