Show Them All What You Are Made Of

Why Don’t You Show Them All What You Are Made Of?

Are you going to show them all what you can actually achieve and what makes you tick as a progressive network marketer or are you going to wimp out and join the massed ranks of the ‘If Only Club?’ 

It is a rare person who decides to show them all what they can really do and then very politely (or impolitely) tells them to shove their misguided, unhelpful and unwanted opinions where the sun doesn’t shine. Now that may not be a very noble way of conducting yourself, but you have got to try it at least once, because the feeling will be an outstanding one, I promise you.

Most people have had either a well meaning relative, friend, work colleague or partner attack their dream or ambition. They have either been put in their place by that person or just plain attacked for being open to a new way of life, trying something new or just being a forward thinker. show them all

Some people attempt to get inside your head by saying something like, “I am only telling you this for your own sake, because I love you and I don’t want to see you disappointed.” Show them all that you have what it takes to be a win and start today to make them eat their own words.

The best revenge is served cold as they say. YES, cold hard cash. The best revenge is sweet and it’s called massive success.

So this is my message for the weekend. Take your existing network marketing business and start to work it the right way. Set some outrageous goals and shoot for the moon and beyond. Don’t hide your opportunity under the bed and never allow anyone to knock you down, so that you stay down. Show them all that you made a very wise decision and that they were oh so wrong with their voices of doom and their armageddon thoughts.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey