Become A Warrior And Show What You Can Do

Show Resilience And Become A Warrior

To become a warrior requires you to dig in and fight for what you want. Now, the average person will not do this, they will accept what happens to them and never force the pace.

Yesterday I was talking about how to be a winner and that was more about the mindset of a someone expecting to be a success. 

Today it is about the specific actions that you must take in order to achieve, not settling for second best or mediocrity and learning how to street fight basically.

So what would be five precise actions you should engulf yourself in whilst building your business, training for that event or engaging in a new task or project?

Learn To Endure Tenaciously

Have you ever seen a dog with a bone. Don't they just love it when you go near them when they are gnawing that juicy bone. Quite often this is the one time they will fight to hang on to what they already have. So show the tenacity of a dog devouring his prize.

become a warriorTo endure tenaciously means to continue with a course of action, that others might shy away from. The winner persists until the job is done.

Learning not only to keep going, but the ability to keep chipping away.

Play The Law Of Averages Game

Now we are all looking for quality, but most of the time quality will appear from quantity. You basically will never know how good someone is until they are thrown into the fray.

The warrior although fierce at times, will be intelligent enough to know that there are many ways of winning and he or she has to understand that they will have to go through the numbers to win the prize or tournament.

It is all about developing a ratio of success and then improving those ratios as you go along. You can't beat the numbers game.

For an example, finding the right sort of person for your business, a warrior, a leader is a rare occurrence and you have to understand that. You have to believe that things will  balance or even out out over time and the outcome you want will happen if you speak to enough people.

Show Outstanding Commitment To The End Game

The warrior shows unbelievable commitment until the fight is over or the task is completed to his or her satisfaction.

You have to decide what your commitment is to a project, business opportunity or sports event. By all means be guided, coached or mentored, but understand that in the end it is your endurance that may well be called into question if you do not show the relevant commitment.

The warrior will stay the course and will be triumphant regardless of setbacks, hurdles or obstacles

Knowing The Game Is Not Over Until You Say It Is

This is one area where the warrior can write his or her own rules and if they understand the game, they will know when they reach their ultimate goal or outcome and they will say when that is, not anyone else.

In other words the leader will set a target or goal of a certain position or an amount of money and no-one else can dictate the terms, accept the warrior. The warrior will know when their game is ended to their satisfaction. The game isn't over until you say it is.

Collaborating With The Very Best People Available

Sometimes you cannot do it alone and especially when it is a MLM or network marketing opportunity.

If you want to be a success in anything, then one of the best things that you can undertake is spending time, masterminding, brainstorming or similar with the cream of the crop. 

If I my dream was to become an Olympic Gold Medallist at rowing, then I would seek out four time Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave (a warrior) and or his trainer to find out how they continually were able to persist for so many years and even raise the bar substantially over and over again. 

In our home business it may just be the case of finding the top people and working with them. I would not be asking the advice of anyone who had not been where I wanted to be in the future.

In Conclusion

Now obviously there are many skills and traits that are attributed to winners, warriors and the people at the very top of their professions, businesses or sports. 

We would use such words as patience, durability, consistent performance, enthusiasm and boundless energy, just to name a few.

The bottom line is to become a warrior will take strong reasons, focus, properly channelled aggression, amazing courage and a brilliant amount of guts and determination. 

Decide what you need to do to win and become a warrior in your own eyes and that of others. 

Just do it.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

Become a warrior.