Show Up Every Day And Go For It

Show Up Every Day And Stay On Track

Yes, by all means show up every day, but it is absolutely no good to a company if you are just a number to be counted. Now maybe you can hide at your work, but you cannot as a network marketer. Once you turn up, there are some things you need to do.

Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  

I think that it depends on what Woody is referring to. If he is talking about the acting profession then I can’t answer that, because I have absolutely no knowledge about TV or film making. The areas that I am interested in, network marketing, online marketing, sports and business in general. For me just being there is not good enough.

All network marketers should listen to company or team calls, watch  every webinars and attend as many events as possible. Why would you want to do these things?

Well, one thing is being around people who are making it happen on a regular basis. If you get involved and spend time with these people, then what they say will start to rub off on you. It is an enjoyable way of connecting and learning.

The other reason is your thoughts and mindset. To win in life you need good vibrations around you. Successful people give off positive vibrations and then you can do the same to your team and all those around you.

The idea is that you can learn first and then you can teach what you know to others. If you are boring and sultry, then people will definitely not want to be around you. Being around the cream of the crop will show you the best way forward.

So if you show up every day you are definitely on your way to where you want to go, but just remember you need to be present and get into massive action as quickly as possible. Massive action relates to marketing, lead generation, prospecting and up every day

You should also be able create valuable content, such as articles, blog post, images and videos daily. Your main job is putting eyeballs in front of your company presentation and following up on a consistent basis.

Can this all be too overwhelming? Yes it can be if you try and do too much all at once. I would suggest receiving training, coaching and mentoring in all areas. Click on the image below for more help in the areas of marketing and lead generation.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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