Setting Aside Quiet Time

Setting Aside Quiet Time To Find Your Peace

Setting aside quiet time everyday is not everyone’s cup of tea or first choice, but a short period of solitude can work wonders and have a remarkable affect on your day.

So, what can quietened minutes achieve for us? There is a lot of chaos, stress and drama that can develop over time. It is easy to get embroiled in situations that quite frankly, are just bad for our health and psyche.

Here are 5 things that solitude can help us with:

1. It helps you relax in the moment. 10 minutes in absolute silence recharges the grey matter and refreshes you mentally.

2. It allows you to get centered. Sometimes we just get lost in our day and it gives you a chance to focus.

3. It keeps you away from confusion and unnecessary noise. Sometimes we just need to be on our own

4. It provides you with the time to reflect on your day. It is always to good to assess our day and to see if we could have done things a little better or different.setting aside quiet time

5. You give yourself permission to calm yourself. Especially if you have been arguing or in a stressful situation. Consider breathing exercises or meditation as a way of cooling off and collecting your thoughts.

The bottom line is this, quiet minutes are good for us in many ways, whether it is for our health or for our mind. Obviously it is your choice how you use your time, but what I would suggest is just try it and see.

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