Self Satisfaction Will Not Serve You

Self Satisfaction Will Never Work In The Long Term

Self satisfaction? There is absolutely no hope for someone who is not interested in other people.

This is how I see, this particular symptom of a lack of persistence. I personally see people, so called leaders, in our industry, who simply feel that their team are there and it is for business only purposes, no interaction at all. Now for practical reasons, this would be a bad business decision, mainly because there wouldn’t be any duplication in this approach.self satisfaction

Where there is little communication your group or team will disintegrate very quickly. For your personal reasons, although most of your team will just be business associates or acquaintances, they are still human beings, bristling with pride and emotions.

You should absolutely respect them as individuals but there is a fine balance between being the leader and leading by example and being in their everyday lives. You should separate these two distinct entities. But the problem I have is that some so-called gurus and leaders treat their people as a number.

Now that cannot be correct and I will never do that. So my message to these leaders is be really nice, genuinely nice to people, be human and not only use your skills to attract people around you but look to take them with you and duplicate.

This has to be the only way forward. We all need to follow occasionally or take a back seat. Got to go, the snow awaits, yippee.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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