Self Reliance Is A Must

Self Reliance: How Important Is It?

Self reliance is required, but what does it mean and how can we utilize this skill set to improve ourselves?

It seems that when you research self reliance on Google, Ralph Waldo Emerson name appears and seems to be the only person mentioned. But there are thousands of people who are able to give you great examples of self reliance and how it has assisted them in their lives.self reliance

So what is self reliance? I can only answer this in my own words. This subject for me is about a person standing on their own two feet and not having to rely on any other person, within reason, that is.

Someone once said, ‘You cannot succeed alone.’ Well, this is very true, especially if you are building a network marketing business or a sports team.

You would look very stupid, if you were the only person standing on the soccer field, for example. You could kick off, but that would be it and where it all ends. You could be the best slugger in baseball, but without a pitcher and fielders, you are not going to get very far into the game.

So we accept that occasionally we need other people but that is not what this is all about is it. I think it relates to the ability to get most of the jobs completed yourself, without continually asking someone for help and advice everytime you want to know something.

Self-reliance means doing your own research on a subject and attempting new things that you creating yourself. I am not advocating not seeking knowledge when it is required or avoiding things like outsourcing. Because it makes sense to use all facilities available.

But I am talking about using your own abilities, skills and mindset to overcome as many obstacles, challenges, and problems as you can, without having to go crying to someone else all of the time. So the summary of self-reliance is this, in my opinion.

Having the desire to get things going, looking for the answers yourself and just getting on with the job. Finding your own solutions in the coming year, but also remembering that there is help available for you if you want it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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