Self Esteem And Self Image

Self Esteem And Self Image. How Do You Feel About Yours?

Self esteem and self image are there and they are not going away. Now I will not be going off on some tangent about the subconscious mind because I am more interested in normal everyday feelings and how you feel about yourself.self esteem and self confidence

Your self-image is simply the mental photograph or picture of yourself, that you hold. So in other words, it is all about how you see yourself, but remember this will change daily, it never remains the same. The key is to make slight adjustments, daily incremental changes to constantly improve your self-image.

I personally believe that the starting point is absolute honesty but avoiding a severe attack on your psyche. You know, we all do this from time to time, monkey chatter, self-talk, where we put ourselves down. But Paul, I don’t do that. Don’t you? How about when you drop something or trip up. I bet you say something like, “That was stupid.” or “I am so clumsy.”

So the question remains when you take a peek at that mental self-portrait, who do you see? But more importantly, who do you want to see?

So start to move much more to the positive side of life. Yes, you will make mistakes like the rest of us mere mortals, but be realistic here and understand that you control what you say, do and think.Take full responsibility for your thoughts, actions, speech, and results. There are no excuses in this area.

Now, self-esteem and self-image are closely linked with your own integrity and respect. You will need to work on all of these at the same time but don’t let all these words complicate matters. Self-esteem encompasses all of your own personal evaluations or appraisals about yourself. 

I think we understand enough to know that these are two areas we need to observe and improve, so let’s start to boost our self, but not our ego. Ok, Paul, you have sold me on that fact that maybe I have been pessimistic about my self-talk etc, but what can I do about it?

Here are four practical, effective and simple steps you can take right now to improve how you feel about yourself and get away from self-doubt, despair, hopelessness, and depression. These will be daily habits that you will acquire and get used to. They may well become a part of your everyday life.

1. Spend 30 minutes reading something positive, inspirational or uplifting and I suggest avoiding newspapers altogether.

Suggestions: ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson

2. Spend time with positive and inspirational people in person. Seriously reduce the amount of time you spend around losers and negative people. (This is a big one) Do not spend one minute around people who bring you down. Get to the point where none of your time is with these people. Again I suggest if you are in a group of people and the conversation is or you perceive to be negative, excuse yourself and just walk away.

3. Listen to outstanding people (in your particular field or related to your passion or interest) on audio or watch these same people on video. Be careful about who you listen to and who or what you watch.

4. Join a positive group of people and change your surroundings on a regular basis. This could be a dance or exercise class, but whatever it is making sure it makes you feel good.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Self esteem and self image.

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