Run The Play Now Not Later. Get Yourself Moving

Decide To Run The Play Immediately

You can make a decision to run the play at any time. However, your excitement is at it’s highest point on day one in your network marketing business.

You must be ready to push from the get-go and be prepared to make something happen as soon as possible. If you wait around it will be extremely hard to move forward.decide to run the play

If you fail to get into motion the only person you will be confronted with is that man in the mirror. You can fool everyone instead of yourself. You must step up instantly and start to pick the fruit that is right in front of you. A Quarterback in the NFL has no option, he is on the clock. He has to implement the playbook quickly, otherwise, he is dead in the water.

Put Yourself In The Best Position To Win

You can do this by seeking out the excited leaders who are growing fast and finding out what they are doing to build their own businesses. Then you can be guided by the best people and model their success.

You should ensure that your current environment is going to support your outcome. If it isn’t, then change it as soon as possible. Desire, expectations, belief and the people you mix with are the keys to fast-paced growth and duplication.

First, you need to be ready to run now not tomorrow. Then you need to go and find the runners. Those hungry people who like you are ready to run today. Then go and create some urgency and momentum through personal activity and teach the same to others.

Run the play straight away, delay and you may never hesitate and procrastinate forever and a day.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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