Right Place Right Time

Is There Really A Right Place Right Time?

In network marketing, yes absolutely, there is a right place and a right time for you. There will be a time when you are ready for the network marketing profession and there will be a specific company that rocks your world or floats your boat. In other words it ticks all the boxes and you feel that you have actually found a home.

The company that you choose must be the right fit for you and your current circumstances. It is important that you research the business opportunity that attracts you thoroughly. Because time spent at the beginning of your quest will pay huge dividends later on and maybe for years after.

A mistake in your selection at a very early stage will be costly in time, money and expended energy.If you get you choice spot on, you will relax faster, learn quicker and have success much more rapidly. Remember right place right time.

How Much Research Should I Undertake?

Of course it is a personal choice for you as an individual, but I would highly suggest a minimum of 10 hours due diligence. That would be mainly looking at websites and watching videos which show the level of training, the product line, people involved, the pay plan and the best way to get started to maximize the potential of your prospective new venture.

Now due diligence and research are not to be used as an excuse not to get started or for any procrastination. You can quite easily conduct your systematic search for the truth or facts over a 24 to 48 hour period. There reallis a right time right place.right-place-right-time

The key in the end of this probing, is to enable you to come to an educated and informed decision as quickly as possible. To find the right opportunity for yourself and your family.

Be Aware Of Negative Comments?

There will always be poisonous, toxic and bad mouthing about a company on the internet, please do your best to ignore it. Most network marketing companies get taken to court, mainly be disgruntled distributors who didn’t make any money. Do your best to keep a balanced view of gossip and so called news.

As an example I am going to choose one of my old companies called ‘Liberty League’, a personal development company which I joined in 2006. To cut a long story short Liberty league were attacked more than any other company. Some of the attacks were concentrated and ferocious.

The Liberty League pay plan was highly lucrative, but few made money, so there were more and more unhappy people, because investment was between $1500 and $22,000. To be fair though this was an aggressive business with a high failure rate and I loved it, but not everyone did, hence the complaints. Did it stop me making money, absolutely not.

Anyway good luck on your search. If you need any help give me a call.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Right place right time.