Rhinos Must Have A Global Mindset

Rhinos Must Have A Global Mindset?

Rhinos must have a global mindset. I personally believe that network marketers must have this wide vision for their business, mainly because the world is a much smaller place now, access wise and there are millions of people looking for what network marketing has to offer.

The world is forever changing and it is difficult to keep up with the pace of change, but I am afraid if you want to make a decent living online this year, you will have to widen the circle of your thinking.rhinos-must-have-a-global-mindset

Consider two massive markets that are now starting to dictate the world’s economies. They are China (1.33 billion) and India (1.15 billion) who between them have over one-third of the world’s population of 6.77 billion. So you see you can no longer ignore these markets because they are massive.

The question is how valuable are you going to become to these excellent markets?

Up until now, I have been marketing in the USA (307 million), UK (69 million), Canada (34 million), Australia (22 million), Ireland (4.45 million) and New Zealand (4.31 million).

Now I will market in Europe (830 million), combined with China and India. Now together they number 3.3 billion, just under half of the world’s population. So you can see that you have to broaden your horizons and never discount any particular areas.

These days the ability to travel is open to millions of people. Within a day you can virtually be anywhere in the world.

Network marketers and entrepreneurs must not allow fixed thinking to stifle their worldwide ambitions. Remember you only need one influencer in another country to spark a business revolution. Think of the return on investment for some forward thinking and action.

So hopefully that has made you think about things a little bit differently.

Look the world really is your oyster and this rhino is definitely developing a worldwide mindset.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Rhinos must have a global mindset.

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