Relying On Alibis? Be Responsible

Relying On Alibis Is A Poor Way Of Conducting Business

Relying on alibis is something that losers do. If you are like me I cannot be around anyone who is lying, making excuses, whining or complaining. So tell everyone to be authentic and be the person you are supposed to be. Take full responsibility (how many time shave we said that) and tell it like it is.relying on alibis

Don’t make excuses about failing (we all fail) Look, we have all had the people say to us, ‘I will probably be there.’ Now be honest, how many of those people were there. Get out of my way. So we all now accept that excuses don’t do it for us, and yes I realise that there are really genuine excuses but most have no substance.

The only thing that will really be acceptable is just getting on with the job with no excuses. Period. That means developing some practical plans that you can start implementing today, not next week.

So the key is do not let people grind you down and rob you of your power and energy by listening to BS. Some people will say something like, ‘But you don’t know what I have been going through? and yes there are on occasions where sympathy and empathy are important, but some people are experts at making excuses. Do not tolerate them for a single minute.

As Jim Rohn stated, ‘Spend 5 minutes complaining and you have wasted 5.’ It is that simple

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Relying on alibis

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