Relentless Rhino Versus Daisy The Cow

Why Would I Want To Be A Relentless Rhino?

Because it is better to be a charging rhino rather than part of that herd of cows (the masses). Why? Well, personally I want to forge ahead and build fast momentum and not wait around with a bunch of people who do nothing and just gossip (chew the cud).relentless rhino

I hope that you want to be part of something bigger than you and work towards a goal or project that is exciting. Well, to keep it fresh, alive and interesting you will have to create momentum like an express train. Daisy the cow does not agree with you, she expects you to join her in the field and hang around waiting for the slaughter.

You choose either to get on the fast train or stay on the slow merry-go-round. It is your choice and I will not be criticising you for choosing the pack. I just choose the Rhinos, Entrepreneurs and the Eagles, over the Turkeys and Chickens, because all they will do is poop on you.

Weigh it up for yourself and go with your gut feeling. Good luck!

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Relentless Rhino Versus Daisy The Cow.