Reduce Stress Perform At Your Peak

Reduce Stress, Balance Emotions and Increase Performance?

Reduce stress. Well, this is an easy one to answer in a blog entry. OMG. I am glad I either saw or thought of that title. That has made me laugh though, so I have achieved something here.

Let us deal with the stress part first. Stress is a part of life and we have to accept and deal with it, in the best way possible.

Now obviously we cannot talk about individual stress here but what we can do is decide that actually, we can handle it. Whether that is on our own or with the assistance of others.reduce stress

I know that a lot of people hold stress in and in my opinion is the wrong choice. I have found that the only way to deal with the stress is to talk about it first, as much as I need to. Then I can move on and heal.

Now for me, it is normally affairs of the heart that cause me challenges. I do not normally stress about very much. For you, it may be work, career, your family or other outside influences. These types of things I can deal with easily, but we are all different and unique.

There are many ways of reducing stress including reading, writing, exercise, meditating, relaxation and being alone to contemplate. So find what works for you and always seek help if required.

The key is reducing the stress as much as you can without pushing it inside so that it turns up when you least expect it.

So by reducing your stress, you can then allow your emotions to settle down and you can re-balance your brain and feelings.

You could call this your chilling out time, where you allow yourself some time to recover and get back to where you want to be. This may be any length of time because it is your call, not anyone else’s.

So hopefully you are now in a position where you have reduced the stress levels to an acceptable level and your emotions are now back under your control.

Now the key is to get back to work, but at your pace. No-one can choose for you here because if they do you may not be mentally ready for the challenge ahead.

Obviously what you are trying to achieve here is to return to a point where you can start producing again. In other words, you are looking to improve your productivity and increase your performance gradually. To return it to its peak state and then ramp it up as far as you want to take it.

So remember that you must reduce the stress first, by whatever vehicle you feel happiest with. Then you can calm your mind, chill out and settle your emotional state.

Once all this has been done, you can start believing in yourself and in your ability to get back to where you were and beyond. The ultimate result, if you have completed this in the right way, is to find yourself in a place where you are operating at peak performance, leaving the original obstacles in your wake.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Reduce stress.