Recruitment And Selection In Network Marketing Is So Important

Recruitment And Selection Must Be Mastered

I believe that recruitment and selection of the right team members are extremely important when building a successful group in the network marketing profession.recruitment and selection

I think there are 7 basic areas that I look at when looking for prospective partners for my business.

1. I am searching for BIG THINKERS, people who see the larger picture and generally want a lot out of life.

2. I also seek FORWARD THINKERS, those people who can see past the end of 2011 and beyond.


4. I also look for people who can COMMUNICATE IN A FRIENDLY WAY, so they can build a mutual bridge between you. People need to be FUN to be around and have that LIKEABILITY FACTOR.

5. I am on the lookout also for people with GREAT ENERGY & ENTHUSIASM.

6. I prefer to work with WINNERS, people who have achieved something in sports, business or other similar areas.

7. But all of this would not work if they were not people of INTEGRITY & HONESTY Now there may well be other qualities that I look for but these are the most important to me.

So, what qualities do you look for in potential team members, when you are engaged in recruitment and selection? If the selection is face to face, then the ability to smile, laugh and have fun are very important too.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Recruitment and selection