Recession Is Over

The Recession Is Over. But Is it ?

Recession is over. Well is it? Personally I do not think so.

So how do you deal with a recession? Keep going I suppose. 

I would say that the knock on effect of this current recession will be with us for many years to come.  A recession is not an excuse for quitting or being lazy though.recession is over

Some Industries are on the mend but others are still struggling. More importantly the question I would ask is this. ‘How has this recession affected you personally?’

Each answer will be unique to the individual answering that question for themselves.

For me personally, last year was a fantastic year financially.

So how did I make it a great year?

There were two specific things that I took care of.

1. Was completely change my mindset (and it isn’t perfect now by any means) from a poverty mindset to an abundant mindset. I just expected winning results to materialize, which they did. I will cover this in a minute.

2. I started to learn how  to become chilled out.

So what helped to change my mindset?

A) I started to work towards becoming a professional in the network marketing industry. I knuckled down and studied the areas I wanted to master.

B) I stopped mixing with people who were very negative (we haven’t heard that before, have we?) and I started masterminding with great people personally one to one, people with the same level of thinking that I had.

C) Put a wealth creation blog together and watched every day for 90 days (this was worth $75K)

How did I become chilled out?

It was quite simple really I decided to be that way. That was the biggest thing that I did.

But there were a few other things that I initiated.

1) I starting to read both novels and positive books more.

2) Listened to more music, ranging from classical to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

3) Watched more comedy on the TV and the internet.

4) When travelling to appointments I slowed down my driving and left earlier. This made an immense improvement in the quality of interaction between myself and the client.

Also last year I suffered from a drop of confidence. Now, this was very new to me and hit me like a runaway snowball. I had never had a loss of confidence before. This lasted for about a month.

Luckily for me I identified it very quickly and dealt with it successfully. I bought a book with CD attached, on how to improve confidence, by Paul McKenna.

Within 7 days I was well on the way to recovery. I am not expecting a repeat.

This story is about taking massive action when things were not looking that good for me.

The key for me was learning to become consistent at what I was involved in. Is life a constant battle, yes, but the journey is fun for the most part. Ups and downs are a part of life, accept both, learn to understand both and keep trucking.

You could let this recession get you and keep you down or you can get off your rear end and change things. You choose.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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The recession is over.